So You Have A Cold? Bummer.

This was a college design project that was geared towards creating an advertisement for a medical product of our choice—I chose DayQuil. I chose this particular product because it is my go-to whenever I get a cold. The goal was to persuade a person to choose Dayquil over competitor cold medications on the market.

For the big idea, I wanted to hit on the fact that Dayquil will help keep a person going when their cold has taken over. I thought about the lack of motivation, the lack of energy, and the stuffiness a person with a cold may experience. This led me to think about the opposite feelings of a cold and the idea of energy began to take shape. I wrote down a list of things that relate to energy until I landed on the idea of coffee. I associate coffee with waking up, staying awake, and being alert, so visually relating coffee to Dayquil was the key element to this design.


Web Banner Ad

I’ve always been a fan of advertisements that use photo manipulation to push conceptual ideas, so I wanted to come up with my own. After several sketches utilizing the coffee concept, I landed on the idea of taking a medicine measuring cup and manipulating it to look like a coffee cup. To further push the idea of coffee, I felt there needed to be an additional element that would help the viewer make the connection, so I added a saucer under the measuring cup.

For the set-up, I wanted everything to feel warm and comforting. I used the color orange to help push this feeling and to also push Dayquil’s brand color. I also wanted the scene to take place in the morning, so I played with the lighting to help accomplish that look. The idea of the sun on the right pushes the idea of moving forward and pushing through—and away from—their sick day. 

Web Banner #1
Web Banner #2

Print Ad

I wanted to hit on the idea of Dayquil filling in and keeping a person going when they feel like calling out sick. This led me to think about the idea of being active and energetic. For the tagline, “When Joe Calls Out, We Fill In,” I wanted to subtly push the idea of coffee—because coffee keeps a person going, and it has energetic qualities. To help accomplish this idea I decided to use the name “Joe” from the well-known phrase “Cup of Joe.” “When Joe Calls Out” refers to a person who is sick. “We Fill In” refers to Dayquil being the one who is stepping in and helping a person get through their sick day. I also wanted to push the early morning scene with a warm energetic orange color that represents Dayquil’s brand colors.

Lastly, I felt that maybe there could possibly be a chance that someone would misinterpret the ad and think that Dayquil has caffeine in it and try to abuse it—as if they could drink Dayquil instead of coffee. I decided that a small disclaimer at the bottom would help prevent this from happening. Also, I felt another small line of copy was necessary to help tie it all together so I went with, “Keep energized with Dayquil Cold and Flu.”

The Print Ad