The King of Cheesecakes

Marshall owns a small business where he created delicious cheesecakes and delivers them to your doorsteps. When he first reached out to me, he informed me that he wanted a logo that would encompass the elegance and tastefulness that his cheesecakes possess.

Marshall has made a name for himself in his homewtown of Oxford, North Carolina. The locals there call him the Cheescake King—which essentially lead to the tagline.

Logo Design


When I think about dessert, I picture a delicious strawberry cheesecake with the strawberry topping drizzling down the side. With that visual in mind, I wanted to incorporate the idea of “dripping down the side” in this logo. Since we are talking about cheesecake, I felt it need to be elegant—but yet fun—so I made “Murray’s” rounded and “desserts” cursive/script. I also wanted to add subtle depth to the logo, so I added a shadow to the “y” to achieve it.

Header Image by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels