We Want the Legalization

For this college design project, we were to identify a social issue and find a way to bring awareness to it. I chose the federal legalization of Marijuana. I selected this topic for a number of reasons, but ultimately, I chose it because it is a relevant social issue in today’s society. Many states have legalized marijuana, but it still remains federally illegal.

At first, I was debating whether to include the medical side of the marijuana industry, but that would not help accomplish what I am trying to do here. I am pushing for it to be federally legal for recreational use—not just medicinal. I felt that if I focused on the medical side of it, people may be more inclined to only want it that way and not recreational. With that in mind, I decided to completely exempt the medicinal side of it and specifically focus on its economic impact.

Sign The Petition


I specifically wanted to focus on areas that I thought were most important when talking about the economy. I chose to focus on marijuana’s tax revenues, the jobs marijuana can open up, and the United States’ spending to fight marijuana. I also wanted to have a call to action for my infographic. Most people that I interviewed did not know the process in which amendments get on ballets, so I felt that was a perfect call to action—“Sign the Petition.”

Header Image by Michael Fischer from Pexels