Springfield is on the Rise

For this college design project, I wanted to create a magazine specifically focused on attracting young professionals and entrepreneurs to the Historical Springfield area by giving a glimpse of what it’s like to be a resident here. The community is well connected. As a resident of the area for over a year, I have seen—first-hand—much growth and development with restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, and boutiques. 

Springfield is the historical area in Jacksonville—north of downtown. The area was established in 1869. Over the past few years, Springfield has seen a dramatic shift in growth and development. The community is responsible for most of the growth by being proactive and formulating strong bonds with one another. 

The o6 District, Springfield Magazine.

Publication Design

The o6 District is focused on bringing awareness to the restaurants, bars and coffee shops in the Springfield area. The magazine also highlights what it’s like to be a part of the community. The name “o6” refers to the zip code 32206—where Springfield is located. Each edition will focus on a specific topic. This issue, “Consumption,” is focused on the area’s number one place to eat pizza, drink beer, and get coffee. Each issue will highlight the area’s upcoming events like—Porchfest and Second Sundays.

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