Blog & Website Photos

A few years ago, I was part of a blog called Keith Connects—where we interviewed businesses in the urban core of Jacksonville. The blog was an inbound marketing tool that was designed to bring potential clients to a realtor by providing engaging and meaningful content.

We did a blog on the Volstead in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. We met up with the owners, and I grabbed the imagery for the post. Months after the blog was published, the Volstead took over new management. The new owner liked the photos and asked if she could use them for their website.

Volstead Imagery

Header Image

The Volstead used this shot to be the main header image throughout their website. This particular shot was of the previous owner making one of his signature cocktails. He then lit it on fire and added cinnamon to enhance the flame.

Volstead Imagery

Behind the Bar

This photo is taken as if you are sitting down at the bar ready to get a drink. This is the view you would see. They ended up using this for their info page. 

BIG 7 Travel

The Behind the Bar photo was also featured as the hero image on Big Seven Travel website. The website can be found here.

Volstead Imagery

Cinnamon and Fire

This is another image of the previous owner making one of his signature cocktails. They used this particular image for the client reviews page.