For this College design project, I was to come up with an advertisement that would promote Williams-Sonoma’s wedding registry. My target audience is millennials who are newly engaged. The goal is to drive traffic to their online wedding registry.

The challenge with designing and appealing to millennials is that some may not necessarily have the budget to shop at Williams-Sonoma. Since it’s a wedding registry—and other people are buying for them—they may be more inclined to use them for their registry. When it came to designing the ad, I wanted to ensure that I kept it as financially obtainable as possible.


Social Media Ad

This design is a photo composition that I shot myself. For the table set up, I used an engagement chicken—which has been known to get boyfriends to propose (. I also used limited items to push the ordinary feel, but then used fun patterned plates to push the idea of having that extra at the table. The plates are also accompanied by a tagline which explains that Williams Sonoma is the extra in one’s ordinary dinner. Concept generation partner, Emily Spitler.